Signs of Labor

Signs of Labor

How will you know when you are in labor?

Labor is different for every woman. Here are some general rules that may help you know when you are in labor:

  • Your uterus will tighten and relax – this is a contraction. Contractions may begin in your lower back and move around both sides to your lower abdomen.
  • When you notice that you are having regular contractions, start timing them. When they are coming regularly (every 5 to 10 minutes) or you are unable to talk, walk, or sleep through the contractions because they are painful, notify us.

What happens if your bag of water breaks?

  • When your bag of water breaks, there may be a sudden gush of fluid from your vagina or you may have uncontrollable leaking of fluid. Notify us immediately if this happens.
  • You may pass your mucus plug up to one to two weeks before you go into labor – this is thick and not watery. Sometimes it is blood tinged. This is OK. It is not necessary to call us; however, if there is any question, please contact us.

What should you call for?

  •  Regular or painful contractions
  •  Uncontrollable leakage of fluid or a gush of fluid
  •  Vaginal bleeding (other than after a cervical exam in the office)
  •  Headache that does not resolve with Tylenol
  •  Visual changes
  •  Severe abdominal pain
  •  Fever
  •  ANY other unlisted concerns

Who do you contact and how do you contact us?

If you have true medical emergency, dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, in case of an urgent question, call Dr. Fogwell’s office number: 214.750.0980.  Follow instructions for an urgent message.  Dr. Fogwell, Dr. Dullye, or Dr. Hunt should return your call within 5 to 15 minutes. If you do not receive a return phone call, you may leave another message and/or notify Labor & Delivery – 214.345.2652.